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Michael L. Henry, Esq.*

Michael L. Henry, Esq.*

General Counsel

Mike has worked as a commercial real estate and business law attorney in and around Boston for roughly thirty years, before an early retirement from the full-time practice due to a physical injury. His full-time practice was focused on transactional matters pertaining to the hospitality industry, and his international clientele included Omni Hotels Corporation and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Mike has since reengaged his legal practice in the non-litigation areas of business and personal, matters, including Estate Planning, on a case-by case basis for his clients.


Mike was born and raised in Burlington, Vermont and graduated from the University of Vermont and Boston College Law School. He lived for many years in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire and now lives in Southern Maine and Central Florida, sharing time more or less equally between the two places. Additionally, Mike is a classical pianist, and a contributor to the Boston Red Sox charitable foundation and other charities. He is a Fellow of the New Hampshire Bar Foundation.

Some of the transactional matters on which Mike has worked are listed below:

Purchase of the land and buildings comprising numerous commercial properties throughout the United States.

Management contracts for operation of luxury hotels in Massachusetts, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, California, West Virginia and Colorado in the United States, and in Mexico and French Polynesia.

Insurance settlement windfall captured by negotiating with the Venezuelan government, of Hugo Chavez, a lease walkaway for oceanfront land in Caracas, Venezuela beneath a hotel destroyed by mudslide.

Represented local (Greater Boston) entrepreneur in acquisition of landmark Exeter, New Hampshire movie theatre and restaurant originally built by Louis Mayer, of MGM, in early 20th century.

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