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3D Investing


At Brayshaw Financial Group, LLC, we love problem solving. We do this in two ways; first, through the discovery of your needs, concerns, and hopes, in other words, we learn your story. Secondly, through the use of our four-step process and our three-dimensional planning approach that we use to help create a complete customized solution.

"The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigator." - Edmund Gibbon

Life is an ocean and we are all navigating our ships through the sea. While we don’t have control over the wind, the weather, the water, we do set our own course. Setting a course for your financial future can be as intimidating as sailing around the world, and it can feel just as arduous. We are dedicated to being by your side and helping you chart a course for your entire financial life. From births to graduations, from your first job to your retirement party, from managing your retirement to managing your legacy and providing for your family in their future - we are always there. With Brayshaw Financial Group, LLC you are never alone in this process and in your journey. Together we will be the ‘ablest navigator’ and steer your ship with confidence.

Our tool box includes a multitude of diverse strategies that we use in our three-dimensional planning process which includes: insurance, brokerage, and fee-based planning. All our plans are intentionally tax-sensitive.

Three-dimensional investing describes life between the numbers. We don’t just manage your portfolio, we are responsible for diligently helping you manage all the financial pieces of your life and to do that we cannot just lump things into the financial plan bucket. Like is more nuanced than that, just as a sailor needs an anemometer to measure the wind, a compass, and a map; you need more than just a “financial plan”. 3D investing


The world is full of uncertainties and risks. There are risks to individuals, families, businesses, property, and assets. Each day we are exposed to these risks along with the risk of loss of life and health. We can’t prevent what we cannot control.

While it is not always possible to prevent unwanted events from occurring, there are tools and products we can implement together to guard against these losses. We begin the discussion of our 3D process with insurance because at the core of everything we do is the need to protect you and your assets. We can use insurance to reduce or eliminate the cost of loss or the effect of loss caused by different types of risks.


We employ brokerage or transactional accounts for three important reasons. Firstly, a brokerage account can help you create tax-diversification within your portfolio by allocating assets in different account types. Secondly, for those who want to delay social security or retire early having money set aside in a brokerage account can help you accomplish that. And thirdly, brokerage accounts offer you a liquid way to access emergency funds for unforeseen expenses. Having a transactional account allows you to be ready for anything at a moment's notice.

Fee-Based Planning

Having a financial plan is extremely important, however, investors are often concerned about the nature of the financial services industry and do not always feel comfortable in the process of choosing a financial professional whom they can trust. Fee-based planning allows us to be completely transparent when working with you. With fee-based planning we get paid when you get paid, which helps ensure that we always do what is right for you, rather than using advisors that are commission based and tempted to sell higher paying products.

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