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Our Process

We define our process as Complete Wealth Management. We utilize our four-phase process along with what we call “Three Dimensional Investing”, and our next step life stage approach to position you for financial health and success.

The Four Phases of Wealth Planning

Phase 1 - Initial Contact: Discovery of your needs, concerns, and hopes.
Phase 2 - Development: Based on our growing relationship with you we create a 3D Financial Plan which includes insurance, brokerage, and fee-based plans.
Phase 3 - Education: We educate and help guide you through your financial decisions, we don’t simply decide what to invest in and then do it. Communication, education, and YOU are the keys to your financial success.
Phase 4 - Implementation and Fiduciary Guidance: Here we communicate our suggestions with you and engage you in the investment implementation process. Upon your approval the portfolio is implemented and closely monitored. We communicate regularly with you on your investments and partner with you in all decision making.

3D Investing

“Three Dimensional Investing” involves utilizing insurance, brokerage, and fee-based planning products to create a well diversified portfolio that covers multiple areas and phases of your life. We look at investing from all sides and bring a fully independent planning perspective to the table.

Our Next Step Life Phase Approach

Designing Your Future

When it comes to Designing Your Future, it is easy to lose perspective. We often get caught up in the day to day busyness of life, and the pace can be exhausting. Every day you manage expenses and expectations. We all have life events, passions, and dreams that define who we are, and what we want to become.

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter

A call to “our better selves” starts with Designing Your Future. Often this process feels laden with too much work and we push it o to another day, another month, or perhaps even another year. Some struggle with fear, worry or stress about the future. These are unwelcomed distractions that impede your ability to move forward.

At Brayshaw Financial Group, LLC we believe it’s never too late to start. When you take your next steps with us, we will be your partner on this climb to your ‘something more’. We help you navigate the path, manage the distractions and detours, and reach your dreams.

Building Financial Independence

Building Financial Independence is not something achieved, but discovered in defining what is most important to each of us. Many of our clients find this process enjoyable and rewarding, as it primarily focuses on caring for what is nearest and dearest to their hearts. There is a freeing sense in this process as you begin to embrace your next steps, and visualize the journey. We work with you to help you truly define your needs, as well as what you want. Defining your goals will help you track your plan and monitor your progress. When you craft your own story, you know when one chapter ends and another begins. Understanding these stages in your life can truly help you appreciate each one to the fullest.

When you take your first step with us, the climb to financial independence will be mapped with a path to the summit. Despite challenges along the way, there will be that moment when you stop and appreciate the successes you’ve achieved. Enjoy the view!

Making Retirement a Reality

So many people dream about the retirement chapter of their life, so it’s no wonder most people we meet are seeking help in that area. While busy and proficient in their own careers, they often don’t have the time, the desire, or the expertise to put together a comprehensive game plan. Making Retirement a Reality is a satisfying journey that addresses what may seem like an infinite number of options. With today’s retirees living longer than ever before, there are a number of variables that need to be considered. With proper planning, the question or anxiety of not having done or saved enough to retire will begin to fade away.

Many people are unsure of what comprehensive financial planning entails, how much work it will require on their end, or the ongoing effort necessary to keep the plan moving forward. At Brayshaw Financial Group, LLC we simplify the process and diminish the burden while guiding you toward your goals.

Experiencing Your Dreams

The view from the summit is beautiful when you are Experiencing Your Dreams. The feeling you get, when you think of where you began, to where you are today, is very fulfilling. Each marker of success will have its own feeling of accomplishment and meaning, but now, it’s all about you and those who you love the most. Your focus is now enjoying the adventure, and those who have made the journey with you.

Why is the path so beautiful? Because it’s the story of your life, and what you have accomplished. No one else can tell your story or appreciate the climb, with its peaks and valleys along the way, quite like you. Now the success, accomplishments, and joy you have found resonate through your heart.